Best idea ever and when on Jacobs mum said she would love to do it for him I thought how wicked! Here is a bit from behind the scenes at Mr Jacobs Happy 3rd Birthday cake smash! and some of the funnest shots I have ever taken!

So excited about todays first session in my new studio. AND its a CAKE SMASH!!!

The amazing little Miss Sophie was amazing, with the longest eyelashes. Happy birthday little lady, big hugs

Today is one of those happy days that you remember for life.

I have been a photographer for over 15 years, I have done everything from photographing famous people to the family snake!! arrrrr. I have been in management in other peoples companies, I have always been the person who would run things and make it happen, but never for myself. When I had my daughter it came...

I want to thank all my mummies who helped me recently with my model call, taking these wonderful baby portraits is what fills me up, gives me energy and keeps me happy so thank you form the bottom of my heart!

“Are you kidding!” I hear you say, “with what time?”

Written by Edinburgh-based Photographer Diana Baker

A few years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, there was no acquisition more important to me than the perfect baby book. I was certain I’d know it when I saw it—something whimsical and well-crafted but not too commercial.

I finally found “the one”—and in the...

With the amazing technology that we have around today we have an abundance of camera options and are taking more images than ever before. At the same time, the vast majority of our images are being stored on temporary media and never printed. Not surprisingly, being a digital generation places all of our images at greater risk of being lost forever.

Regardless of whet...

From Me to Us, the journey from Mother to Mummy is one that changes us in ways that you never expected.   Becoming a mother can be a profound and transformative experience for a woman. It is a time of great excitement and joy, tempered by exhaustion and self-doubt. For many women, birth and the early months of parenting are a shock for which nothing they have previou...

The original post was written by 'Kaylin' but it's gone viral again after being reposted by a mum called Destiny Rogers.

The heartfelt post urges dads to get snapping, regardless of whether mum protests, because capturing these memories will be so important in years to come.

'Dear men.... take the photo...

It doesn't matter what she looks like, or if she tells you no, t...

This week has been an emotional roller coaster!! Both amazing and sad things have happened, one of those both sad but happy things is the final session in littl

Your I-phone is with you at all times, right? It’s like your right hand — always there, always ready to help you muddle your way through the day and kill boredom when the need arises. But that phone of yours can be oh-so-frustrating when your darling child chooses a particular moment to do something photo-worthy and your phone chooses that time to revolt.

Well, when y...

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