Baby's First Year Photography Plan - 3 sessions within baby’s first 18 months. 


First session: when your baby starts sitting (6-8 months); 

Second session: cake smash for their first birthday;

Third session: family session between 18 months-2 years old. 


**Special Offer for Limited Time Only - Purchase your session fee DURING THE SALE ONLY and receive 5 extra 10"x8" prints for FREE when you order your package. (3 for your wall and 1 each for the Grandparents.)


This is the perfect photography plan if you don't want to miss anything important and you want it done right - all those major milestones, cheeky smiles, long eye lashes, hair growing in, and personalities developing.


Once your order has been received our friendly staff will call you (so please make sure you supply the correct phone number) to go over finer details, such as what to wear, package options etc


Digitals and Print package are additional; we offer a range of amazing Baby Book Albums with handwritten notes from Mum and Dad woven throughout, or show stopping wall art pieces that will capture the attention of every visiting guest.


Click HERE for full price list.


After each session, you’ll be invited back to view your images and pay your instalment towards your package. Installment payment plans range from £300 to £350 due after each session, making it managable while on maternity leave.



1. This session is only suitable for babies who are either not sitting yet or who are sitting but not crawling at the time of the first session. Please do not purchase if your baby is already crawling.


2. Images are not included in this purchase. Printed product and digital art needs to be purchased separately.

Baby's First Year Photography Plan

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Babys birth month

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