Baby Sitting Up Session (approx 6-9 months)


For babies who have just started sitting but are not yet crawling (6-9 months of age)


Dont miss one of the cutest stages of being a baby! Sitting is one of the first major milestones along with cheeky smiles, long eye lashes, hair starting to grow in, and personalities developing. You want to enjoy every moment, but blink and you can miss it. This is the perfect time to photograph the joy they bring. After booking your session all left to do is start planning where you are going to hang all your stunning photos. How are you going to use your images?


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Please note: 

No images are included in this purchase. Printed product and digital art is purchased separately. After the session, you’ll be invited back to view your images and purchase a print package. All packages have both print and digital options, pick which print options suits you best:


Baby Sitting Up Session (approx 6-9 months)

Babys birth month

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