About Sleepea Swaddle

The 5-Second Swaddle!

  • Includes: (1) Cosy and soft organic cotton swaddle

  • Two-way zip allows you to zip open from top...or bottom (for easier nappy changes)
  • Inner wrap with extra-quiet Velcro for escape-proof security
  • Breathable mesh at shoulders and legs to reduce overheating
  • Promotes healthy hip position
  • Side openings can unsnap to release arms

 Note: Not for use in SNOO. 

What People are Saying About the Sleepea Swaddle

“The Winner…This swaddle is magic!” —NY Magazine

“The Sleepea is the most effective swaddle we tested...it is safe, comfortable, and easy to use.” —NY Times

“Get The Perfect Swaddle In Just 5 Seconds…” —Romper


We've thought of it all! Created by Dr. Harvey Karp, the paediatrician who started the swaddling revolution, every detail was planned with baby safety—and parent sanity—in mind.

Made with Organic Cotton, this ultra-soft, breathable swaddle helps babies be happier and sleep better. A unique double-zip allows for easier nighttime nappy changes. An inner wrap helps keep even the little Houdini babies snug. Our special Velcro is extra quiet and our open-weave mesh reduces overheating. Last, but not least, Sleepea is designed to be healthy for hip development.

Why Swaddle Your Baby?

Swaddling gives babies the snug embrace they loved in the womb. By preventing startles and wild-hand nose-whacks, wrapping keeps babies happier and aids their sleep.

Sleepea Size Guide

  • Small: 2-5 kg
  • Medium: 5-8 kg
  • Large: 8-12 kg

Note: For the first 6 months of life, babies should only sleep on the back. If your baby can roll, you should unsnap side openings to release arms. Babies who roll to the stomach need their arms free to be able to push up and move their face away from the mattress. (Always consult your baby’s paediatrician for his/her advice.)

Sleepea Swaddle from Happiest Baby