Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!

July 15, 2016

I get asked at nearly every shoot, by nearly every new Mum, “don’t you get clucky doing this job?”

Frankly, the answer is a huge yes!


Now, as glamorous as a photographer’s job sounds, let me put your mind to ease. Every single one of my little clients pees on me, poos on me, and maybe a little bit of spit up as well.


I sweat from the heat we have to keep the room so my little precious clients feel comfortable. I can’t wear make-up – panda eyes from mashing the camera on mascara is not a good look.


And after all that is said and done while not so glamorous, it is so rewarding and deeply, down to my soul, satisfying. Mainly because I get to have cuddles with little brand new people, fresh from the heavens, still with the smell of the Goddess in their hair.
They have their whole lives ahead of them. Who will they be? How will they change the world?


Wishing that all their dreams, hopes, and wishes come true. Knowing that by the time I see them next, only two weeks later when I show Mum and Dad their baby photos, that they would have changed. They will be a little rounder, a little chubbier, with the scent of heaven nearly all gone.

I treasure those moments, those few precious cuddles I have with everyone of my little clients, and hope that my work will touch them even in just a fraction of the way they have touched my heart.


So yes, yes I do get clucky!


After every session my little Sophie gets more cuddles than she wants. Not that I will ever stop giving them to her.




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