Filled in your baby book yet?





“Are you kidding!” I hear you say, “with what time?”


Written by Edinburgh-based Photographer Diana Baker


A few years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, there was no acquisition more important to me than the perfect baby book. I was certain I’d know it when I saw it—something whimsical and well-crafted but not too commercial.


I finally found “the one”—and in the first weeks after my daughter, Sophie, was born, I sacrificed precious sleep to fill those crisp pages, taking pains to write neatly determined that the baby book would reflect the depths of my love.


As I became more and more sleep deprived, my commitment to logging milestones faded, and even managing a mere shower became cause for celebration. That precious baby book languished on a shelf somewhere for a few months (actually years). When I did finally recover it somewhere around her 3rd birthday, absent was any mention of first foods, first tooth or her first giggle that, truthfully, it was so momentous it brought me to a mess of tears. I’d missed it.


This mini-meltdown sparked a fire within me. I had to find a way to stop this happening to other mothers. “Mummy guilt” and shame were no longer options. I took that baby book concept as an added twist to my 15 years of photography experience and create inspiring, baby portrait albums within my Baby’s First Year Photography Plan product.


Mummies who enroll their ever changing, ever growing babies into this photography plan with me are treated to three milestone-recording photography sessions: the first at 6-8 months when baby starts sitting; the second as a 1st birthday “cake smash” session; and third a family session in baby’s 2nd year.  Every detail is captured matching the sweetness of your memories.


With the portraits from all three sessions, I set about hand-crafting a fully personalised album. This warms my heart the most because of my personal experience. I also take hand-written notes from parents and grandparent expressing hopes and dreams for baby’s future, and skilfully scan and weave them in between the accompanying portraits of these most precious people in your baby’s life. More than just sweet memories, more than just a baby book, this will become a treasured family heirloom.


I have also carried this ethos through to the rest of my crafted art pieces with my wall art and gift options so everyone gets to enjoy the legacy this new little person will take forward with them into the future.


Available timeslots fill quickly, so call now to enroll in your Baby’s First Year Photography Plan.






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