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Baby Nursery Edinburgh Lothian Baby-Proof Electrical Sockets Leads Cables Mess Dangerous Outlets Diana Baker Photography

While you are decorating, why don’t you sort out the room and make it totally baby-proof? Your baby won’t be moving around much at the moment but when she does let’s have it all ready to go so you don’t have a toddler disaster zone. 


Take care to cover electrical outlets and tuck away cords. Make sure there are no sockets near the cot.  This is what I use in the studio to keep tiny fingers out of things:


If you have any furniture that could tip over, make sure it is secured to the wall. 


Baby Nursery Edinburgh Lothians Baby-Proof Tip Over Furniture Drawers Secure Wall Diana Baker Photography
Baby Nursery Edinburgh Lothians Furniture Rugs Choking Hazard Floor Slip Trip Medicine Out-Of-Reach Diana Baker Photography

Choking hazards need to be kept out of the way.  Make sure there are no bits and bobs on the floor. 


Rugs need to be secure.  You don’t want to trip over or slip when you are carrying a baby.


All medicines, creams, cleaning products etc must be securely stored out of baby's reach. 

Check the edges of tables, and corners of furniture. 


Keep furniture away from windows.


If you have blinds, choose cordless ones. Blinds with cords are a strangulation hazard. 


Check your plants. Common house plants, such as the Peace Lily, are poisonous so keep them well out of reach.

Baby Nursery Edinburgh Lothians Furniture Edges Sharp Cover Cordless Strangulation Plants Poisonous Out-Of-Reach Safe Diana Baker Photography
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