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People that have your back!

When your baby is screaming all day long.

When you feel like you have no idea what you are doing.

When you have tried everything.

When you just need to trust yourself.

When you need a shoulder to cry on

...every single one of these amazing women is here for you.


Quite often new mums tell me they feel there is very little guidance given by the public services, and they don't know where to turn. Building a village around you isn't just having some friends for your kid to play with, it's about creating a support network that can pick you up and dust you off, while making you feel loved,

in-control and confident.

Having working with hundreds of new mums here in Edinburgh, I hear all about their struggles. My number one goal outside of great baby photos is supporting every single women I can in her mothering journey. It has been inspiring to find other like-minded business owners in Edinburgh that feel the same way.


I am recommending every single one of these women to you because:

A: They are truly passionate about what they do and the mothers they do it for.

B: I personally have talked with them about their methods, know that they are aligned with my own best practices, and have heard from my clients who have used their service just how effective they are.

So read below, click the links, listen to the podcast interviews with them, read the blogs, and then if you think they could help you, please please don't wait call them. Trust me they are all so welcoming and genuinely love a good chat about all things baby.

Baby Matters Sarah Murphy Edinburgh

Sarah Murphy

Company: The Happy Baby Expert

Maternity Nurse, Sleep Expert, Breastfeeding Consultant

 PH: 07919 511 934

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Gemma Nealon

Feel calm, and in control. Research based techniques to achieve a peaceful birth, or recover emotionally when things have not gone to plan.

♡ Science based Hypnobirthing & birth preparation for all births.

♡ Co-founder @birthtraumascotland

♡ Peace through birth, healing through trauma

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Company: Positive Birth Scotland

Owner, Midwife & Therapist

Read our interview with Gemma

Cáitlin Heavey

Company: Cáitlin Heavey Yogabirth

Founder and Teacher

Cáitlin is a qualified as a chartered physiotherapist, active birth teacher, pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher, Yogabirth teacher, doula. Cáitlin is a founding director of Mulberry House, a successful wellbeing centre in Edinburgh’s West-End

PH: 07891 059 677

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Read our interview with Cáitlin

Lyndsey Anderson

Company: Mini First Aid Edinburgh

First Aid Teacher

Lyndsey Anderson has been supporting women and families across Edinburgh and West Lothian for over six years as a midwife. Launching her very own branch of Mini First Aid Edinburgh and West Lothian. Lyndsey aims to give local parents and children the first aid skills and knowledge to know what to do should an emergency happen.

PH: 07960 002 994

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Read our interview with Lyndsey
Acorn to Oak1.jpg

Lesley Gould

Company: From Acorn to Oak with Love

Teacher Baby Massage

Lesley has 15 years experience helping parents bond with their children, developing a deep connection and creating strong attachment through baby and child massage, baby yoga, baby sign and play.

PH: 07931 309866

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Read our interview with Lesley

Sarah Robertson

Company: Bump Club

Pre & Post Pregnancy Fitness Teacher

Sarah has been a personal trainer for over 15 years and is extremely well qualified with an undergraduate degree in nutrition and a sports science masters.

PH: 07960 002 994

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Read our interview with Sarah
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