Before you go and spend a fortune on any kit remember that you haven’t met your baby yet.  You don’t know what they will like and there is always a level of trial and error needed before finding the perfect bottle/teat. 


I recommend buying two different bottles from two different brands (ie. a total of four bottles).

For example, two from Tommee Tippee and two from Dr Brown.

This will give you the opportunity to find out what works best, before spending all your money.

1. Bottles

The three main brands that we here at Diana Baker Photography recommend are Tommee Tippee, Dr Browns and NUK. All three are very different and cater to different mouth shapes and sucking styles. Be prepared … but, for this bit, you will need to be led by your baby so don’t rush it.  

Tommee Tippee – this brand is easily accessible and you can buy it pretty much anywhere. The teat shape is quite standard and is used by many families. 


Dr Browns – these were designed as anti-colic bottles. The fully vented design helps reduce the intake of air, thereby making it less possible for excess sick, burping and gas to occur. These bottles are commonly used and easy to purchase from Boots, Amazon etc. 

NUK – while not the most accessible brand (amazon), NUK is a hidden gem and great for high-palette babies. The pre-made Aptimal bottles that you get in hospital have the NUK shaped teats and are fantastic for the undeveloped mouth of a newborn. 


2. Formula milk

Whichever formula you decide to use, make sure you have plenty. For the early days, have both pre-made and powder formula while you are still trying to find your feet. (If you want help on which formula to choose, go to our Formula section here.)

3. Formula dispenser

This is the little container that allows you to pre-measure the powdered formula and have it ready to tip into the bottle whenever you need it. So much quicker than spooning it out when your baby is screaming! 

4. Sterilising Equipment


While there are four ways to sterilise your baby’s bottles (boiling, steam sterilising, cold-water sterilising and microwave sterilising). I recommend microwave sterilising simply because it is quick and easy and will make your life a million times easier.  It is just a container that fits inside your microwave; add a bit of water and press go. Sorted. Before you sterilise, whichever method you prefer, make sure the bottles are all washed in warm, soapy water and completely clean.

5. Bottle and teat brush 

Even if everything has gone into the dishwasher, you might still want one of these to help clean off any stubborn milk.

6. Muslins

You’ll need loads! Great for mopping up any leaking milk or dribbles.

7. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

At 2am in the morning, you want the quickest and easiest to get the bottle to your baby.  No faffing. The Perfect Prep Machine is the answer - it’s like having a Nespresso coffee machine… except for your babies’ milk.  Simply put the bottle in the machine, press go. Job done. 

8. A comfy chair 


Pick the most comfortable chair in your house and make sure no one else sits in it! Don’t waste your money on nursing chairs – this isn’t necessary but just make sure you are supported and comfortable.