The slogan ‘Breast is Best’ is very well-known. There is a lot of evidence that breastfeeding helps protect babies from infection, diseases and reduces the chances of mum developing illness. We all know this! But did you also know that breast milk contains the antibodies you’ve already produced and these will protect your baby as well as promoting the development of your baby’s digestive system?

Breastfeeding can save lots of additional costs in bottles and formulas (between £1000-£2000), and is also supposed to burn at least 500 calories a day. Not only that but your newborn will taste lots of different flavours during breastfeeding – spices, herbs and natural flavours can give your breast milk a distinct taste – and this will make it easier when you start weaning. And best of all, there is nothing easier than quietly slipping your baby under your t-shirt when it’s food time. The ultimate mobile food truck! Quick and easy, without any need for bottles, formula, sterilisers etc. What’s not to love? If you can make it through the first two weeks when you are both learning each other’s way of feeding, you will love all the cuddles, special coo-ing conversations and the unique bonding time between mummy and baby. 

We mustn’t forget, however, that everyone is different and this applies to breastfeeding too. Some mums can’t physically do it for a variety of reasons, such as a difficult or traumatic birth, and others may have social pressures from extended family members or lack of acceptance. And this is why formula was invented. Remember that every family is unique and finding what works for you and your family is fundamental to making it a harmonious experience. The main thing to consider is that every mother has the right to choose what is best for her and her baby without feeling any guilt.


Either way, breast or bottle, you will still need support. Feeding is time-consuming and it often takes a while to get the hang of it so ask for help whenever you need it and take all the support you can get.  Good luck!