Most people think of the traditional cradle breastfeeding position when they plan to feed their babies.  But there are loads more.  The best position all depends on range of factors, such as mums comfort, babies comfort and speed of flow. 

Here are three most common breastfeeding positions to try.

1. Football hold

The football hold is the breastfeeding position that many mothers find the most comfortable. It is mostly used by new mums who have had C-sections or who have very sensitive stomach areas, as it takes the weight of the baby off these tender places. You just tuck your baby under your arm on the same side that you are feeding from, just as if it is a football. This allows you to hold the baby’s head and help him to latch on. You will need your V pillow and lots of extra little pillows, and you’ll find this much easier to do on a sofa that has arms to lean on.  

2. Cradle hold

This is the traditional hold that most of us imagine when we think about breastfeeding. You need to sit upright with your shoulders relaxed and bring ‘baby to breast’ (don’t do it the other way around and bring ‘breast to baby’ as this will make you lean forward and cause upper back problems). Lots of pillows will help support you and baby into a comfortable, relaxed position.  Hold the baby with his head and neck across your forearm, and his body against your stomach. This is the most comfortable position when you are out and about and is often used for older babies. 

3. Side-lying

When you breastfeed in the side-lying position, you lie on your side and place your baby down alongside you on their side. You and your child will be facing each other, stomach to stomach, and your baby’s head will be at the level of your breast and their feet toward your feet. This is a great position for bigger boobs and morning cuddles, as well as recovery. However, over-tired mummies can get very comfortable in this position and accidentally fall asleep which can endanger your baby so please take extra care.