Edinburgh Cake Smash Photography

Our Edinburgh cake smash photography shoots are provided at our inner city studio and we schedule about an hour and half for the entire shoot. We do provide cake and the set, you'll just need some baby wipes, quite a lot of baby wipes! But we're on hand to help with clean-up!


These shoots are such a joy and so much fun and the pictures are something to treasure. The expressive candid moments as your little one explores the cake, the textures and the taste, are really unique and often surprising.

The first part of the shoot we get "clean" pictures, some nice portraits and candid moments of your baby playing, smiling, and crawling around the set exploring and having fun.



For the 2nd part it's cake Armageddon, which is sort of self-explanatory. So you'll get a good mix of images that you can use for announcements, invites or thank you cards as well as for framed prints.

We offer two cake smash themes:


High tea


Cupcakes with teddy, we have a few portraits with teddy, after teddy has had his fill of cake he will cuddle mummy while the birthday girl gets to eat all the cupcakes. We have a range of simple classic outfits to complete this look.


A Victoria sponge with white butter icing makes for loads of smashing fun for any little man. With its soft texture they can get straight into, messy play at Auntie DiDi's studio is a favorite with every little man. We have a range of simple classic styled outfits to make your little man shine.

Cake smash shoots are suitable for 1 year olds & 2 year olds. If you have twins or even triplets (yikes!) you deserve a medal and we will not charge you extra so more that merrier!!

Prep for the shoot is very simple:


Practice makes perfect!

We have the best results from babies who are used to messy play, start them early! Set them up in their high chair and let baby smash, smosh, and squish a couple of cup cakes. Have loads of fun with them, praise them the more mess they make! We want them to know that what they are doing is the right thing. We also want to give them a chance to get used to the strong taste that sugar can be when you taste it for the first time.

All of this fun practice will make them a cake smashing expert.