Everything you need to know about how to get ready for your photography session

Video 1: What you need to bring with you

  • Your Photo Day Bag

  • What is the studio like - No flashing lights here

  • What to Wear

  • Family Shawl

  • Food

  • What do Dads need to know

Video 2: Plan now while you have the head space

  • How are you going to use your images

  • Are you going to give any as gifts, if so to who? what size? What Frame?

  • What package that I offer is best for you, which meets all your needs

  • Thank you cards, how many? Who for? get all their address now

  • Plan your walls with the future in mind...dear I say Baby 2

Video 3: Happiest Baby on the Block

  • Bub Hub

  • Why is it so important that you go read that all now

  • What to eat for the 48 hours before session so we dont have a farty baby

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