It’s a doddle to swaddle!  How to do it…

There are 2 ways to swaddle your baby.


The Pre-made Swaddle


The Pre-made Swaddle is so simple you’ll be able to do it in your sleep. Even the dads can manage it so there is no excuse.  All you have to do is pop your baby in it so they'll feel snug and safe, and it will improve sleep no end.  They come in loads of different shapes, sizes and colours; some with arms up, others with arms down (arms down are better!).

1. My favourite by far is Dr Harvey Karp’s Sleepea Swaddle. 

Swaddling gives babies the snug embrace they loved in the womb. By preventing startles and wild-hand nose-whacks, wrapping keeps babies happier and aids their sleep.

2. Open the box, and place the swaddle on a safe, flat surface.  The middle of the bed or the floor is ideal. 

Sleepea Diana Baker Photography swaddle

3. Open the zip and flatten out the inner tabs. 

4. Place your baby onto the opened swaddle making sure the shoulders are at the very top of the fabric. 

5. Keep your baby’s arm straight and by her side, then bring over the left tab. Keep it nice and firm so the baby can't wriggle out. 

6. Do the same with the right side, again keeping the arm next to the body. 

7.  Fasten the Velcro. The fabric is slightly stretchy so you can make it fit snugly and securely, without being too tight. 

8.  Tucking the feet in, zip up the swaddle.  Double check that it fits perfectly and can’t slip above the head and neck. 

9. It’s as easy as that!

The Blanket Swaddle


This method is a bit like baby origami! I do this when I’m swaddling babies for a photo shoot as shown below but, to be honest, don’t recommend it for daily use. There is a lot of fussing about, trying to get the right size of blanket, the correct breathable material, and to fold it so it is tight enough… but not too tight.  You have to make sure you get it right, particularly if your baby is a wriggler, and as it can be tricky I’d definitely suggest you use the Pre-made Swaddles instead. 

A word on Gro Bags


Although not strictly a swaddle, I wanted to give you an opinion on Gro Bags which are often mistaken for a Pre-made Swaddle.  The difference with Gro Bags is that they don’t have a secure place where you can tuck your baby's arms. Because of this, unless the size of the bag is perfect, there is a chance that your baby can slip into the bag which is obviously a major suffocation hazard.  

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