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1. Use thin cotton materials

The swaddle should be lightweight and breathable. My favorite, without doubt, is the Sleepea Swaddle.

2.  Do not swaddle above the shoulder

The swaddle must not be placed over the face or neck. This is especially important when using a blanket swaddle, it must be secured tightly so the blanket can’t fall over the face.

3.Always put your baby to sleep on her back

A baby should never be put on her front, and particularly not when swaddled. 

4.Check her temperature

Little ones shouldn’t be too hot when wrapped up. Their ears should be warm, not hot and red, and their necks shouldn’t be sweaty.

5. Only swaddle during naps, nights and fussy periods

Swaddling is great – but not for 24 hours a day! 

6. Make sure her hips and legs can move freely

Make your baby snug without restricting her legs. They need to be able to fall into a natural frog-like position. 

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