Newborn Sessions in our Edinburgh Studio

Book your newborn session before you are 30 weeks pregnant and receive a free mini maternity session with 5 complementary  images included in your newborn package.

Session / Booking Fee £149 for babies under ten days old. The best time is 7 days old.

Please plan ahead

Book your Due Date in with us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We generally are booked 2-3 months ahead. All bookings taken via our website will be confirmed with a quick phone call from our lovely staff. Of course, if you have any questions please feel free to ask them via 07546 987 017.

The first question most clients ask is: "how can we book a session if we don't know when the baby is going to arrive?"

It's really very simple:

  1. We pencil in your due date, which allows us to keep a session available for you two weeks before and two weeks after your due date. So no matter when baby gets here we always have a session available for you for the four weeks around your due date.

  2. Dad's job: When baby arrives and Dad texts all the family to tell them baby is here, he needs to add us to that list.

  3. When we receive the text message we will reply with: "Congratulations - your photography session is Tues at 10am".

  4. Easy!


Leading up to your session we ask that you start to consider how you would like to display your baby’s portraits. Is there a place above the fireplace in need of a family portrait? Does baby’s room look amazing, but with nothing on the walls? Would you like to create a family heirloom that can be handed down the generations, such as a personalised album with handwritten messages of love from extended family members? Start talking to the whole family about how they would like to show off their newest family member.; maybe small framed photo for the side-table or a personalised app for their phone so they can show all their friends when they are out.

Your photography session will take between 2 and 3 hours which allows time to feed, cuddle and make your baby feel happy (and even gives Dad time to have a doze on my couch!) I work from my EH16 Studio - nice and central to Edinburgh - where you will be coming to a warm, comfortable and relaxing environment that is fully equipped with everything you may need.


Even though I have everything here, it's a good idea to pack a photography session bag alongside your hospital bag.

I have all the clothes that you might need for Mum and baby but your photography bag should include the following:

  • Flesh or white coloured underwear for Mum.

  • Dad's outfit - a white t-shirt without a collar (no shirts or polo shirts) and a pair of blue jeans.

  • Any special wipes, ointments, creams you may be using for your baby.

  • A full change of clothes, nappies, and a sterilised spare dummy for baby, if you are using one.


If you are breastfeeding we will have water, refreshments and a selection of cake and biscuits to keep you well cared for. If you are bottle feeding, please bring three times more formula with you than you think your baby will need -  it is thirsty work looking that cute!


Having had a child myself, I know how tender you can feel for a couple of weeks after the baby is born and for that reason I have a lounge set up in my studio, complete with comfy sofas, TV with Netflix and plenty of opportunity to rest. The first couple of months of having a new baby can be overwhelming so please feel free to turn up in your PJs — the most important part is that you get to the studio. We will take care of everything else.  You will have plenty of time to do your hair and put some make up on when we are looking after the baby, so don't stress about anything like that... we are here to help you and make it all as easy as possible. 

Following each photographic session, a viewing appointment will be made for you to come back into the studio and see all your portraits and you will receive your app with all your retouched images and video on it.  Don't worry we have tissues...

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Please plan ahead to avoid disappointment, as we generally are booked 2-3 months ahead.
Send us a quick message to see if we have spaces available.
Fill out the form below and we will contact you asap. 
Edinburgh Newborn Photographer

Diana Baker captures delicate portraits of your newborn baby, in the comfort of her home studio. It is best to have your newborn photography session within the first ten days of baby’s birth, so please schedule it during your pregnancy.

Newborn photography requires techniques, creativity and skilful training. Edinburgh newborn photographer Diana Baker is creative and has the necessary patience required in capturing the most precious moments of an infant. What are the benefits of hiring a newborn photographer? A major benefit of hiring a photographer is all the creative props and special lightings to receive the best quality of photographs.

One of the most difficult tasks a newborn photographer has is capturing creative pictures of infants. The photographer needs plenty of patience to capture moments of the baby smiling or other facial expressions. Diana Baker, a top Edinburgh newborn photographer knows all the correct newborn props to use in order to capture those special moments. Regardless if the infant is awake or sleep, a professional should be able to creatively take some of the most memorable pictures. Newborn photography is in popular demand by many new parents.

NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY sessions with Diana are best scheduled months in advance, as Diana photographs only a limited number of newborns every month. Most parents prefer to have pictures taken in Diana’s professional photo studio. A huge benefit of newborn photography is that parents can conveniently come to the fully equipped home studio. They come with the best quality of lightings and latest photographic equipment.

Newborns sleeps a lot and are on a two to three hour feeding schedule. Diana, an esteemed Edinburgh newborn photographer works around the infant’s schedule. Newborn photography as stated earlier requires much creativity. Hiring a professional can capture the best pictures while the baby is sleeping or awake. Babies make some of the most angelic expressions as newborns.

A professional newborn photography requires skill to capture such moments. They can add various props and themes. Once the photography session is complete, it will probably take approximate two weeks to edit all pictures. Parents are able to view proofs before purchasing various packages offered by Diana.

The photographs can be presented in a custom designed album. Parents are given a variety of options of custom albums and packages. These newborn photography albums are available with different themes that can tell a story of your newborn infant. Let a professional photographer like Diana Baker put together the best photo album for your newborn baby.

Castlebrae Business Centre, Peffer Place, Edinburgh, EH16 4BB
PH: 07546 987 017

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