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If you don’t do anything else…do this!  Every single sleep. Every single nap. I cannot stress this enough!  


I teach all my parents in the studio how to swaddle and it is generally viewed as a total lifesaver.  You won’t regret it. Here are a few of the messages I’ve had from my newborn mummies:


6.5 HOURS!! You’re a lifesaver for recommending those swaddle bags honestly! We were lucky if Eva got 3 full hours never mind over 6! Chuffed for her sake (also my sanity lol) thanks again xxx  



We properly swaddled him last night... And it was by far his best night so far. Thank you so much for all of your hints and tips. Write a book or make a film! And do all us first time mammas a favour, you absolute baby guru!!! X 



Thank you for your advice on swaddling too! Guess what - Hugo has been swaddled since our chat and he now sleeps 10 hours straight every night!  



Jax last night slept from 7pm till 4am for his first feed.  Thank you so much!  I’m so grateful!



In a nutshell, swaddling a baby is like giving him a big, gorgeous hug.  Your baby was tucked up nice and snugly in the womb and this feels the same – reassuring and secure.  Tucking their arms into the swaddle also prevents your baby from flailing his arms about which may wake him up.  


It really works!  I have written a whole section on Swaddling so you are armed with all the information you’ll need. Check it out here. 

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