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6.5 HOURS!! You’re a lifesaver for recommending those swaddle bags honestly! We were lucky if Eva got 3 full hours never mind over 6! Chuffed for her sake (also my sanity lol) thanks again xxx  


We properly swaddled him last night... And it was by far his best night so far. Thank you so much for all of your hints and tips. Write a book or make a film! And do all us first time mammas a favour, you absolute baby guru!!! X 


Thank you for your advice on swaddling too! Guess what - Hugo has been swaddled since our chat and he now sleeps 10 hours straight every night!  


Love this! Once we bought this she slept through the night every night! Literally a night and day difference! 


My baby and I love this swaddle! Definitely recommend this swaddle to all the mamas with Houdini babies! Lol


She ended up sleeping 7 hours straight. Been using it ever since and she's now 3 months and sleeps 10 hours straight! 


My granddaughter slept through the night at 2 months old only when she was swaddled in the Sleepea!! It was a lifesaver! 


It's like wrapping her up in comfort, she is so content when in these and sleeps like a dream! 


I love this swaddle! It is so easy, soft and comfy. It’s a must have! 


Best. Swaddle. Ever!


The first night with this he slept five hours straight and had been sleeping great every night since. 


We took these to the hospital with us and they were such a lifesaver. 


My son went from sleeping 2-3 hours at a time to sleeping all night! I’m very pleased and he loves it!


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