Why swaddle?

1. This is easy…. swaddled babies sleep longer!  

It’s like a big, gorgeous hug.  Your baby was tucked up nice and snugly in the womb and this feels just the same.  


2. All babies fidget,

wriggle and snuffle in their sleep and this often wakes them up. They might even bash themselves in the face with flailing arms.  A swaddled baby can’t do this, and the swaddle helps your baby feel secure, lie calmly and sleep deeply.  And when you are both well rested, your mummy/baby bond will develop too. 


3. They also look like a baby burrito!!!  What’s not to love?!!

4. Swaddling is great for brain development too. 

A rested baby is a calm baby - ready to learn, concentrate on the world and take it all in. There’s some science involved (brace yourselves!) as there is evidence that brains sweep themselves of toxins during sleep. It figures therefore that the better the sleep, the better your baby can learn and be alert during waking hours.  

Let’s face it, how much would you be able to concentrate and learn each day if you hadn’t slept properly for weeks?   It’s the same for your baby. A calm, rested baby can take in more of their environment, which leads to successful milestone achievements. The saying is, “the more they sleep the more they will sleep”. Truer words were never spoken.


5. Swaddling helps establish a good, natural sleep routine early on.  

Wouldn't it be great to avoid sleep training, like the “crying it out” method, later on in childhood? Swaddling does just that. 

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